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Our clients love us. Please check out our testimonials page.

Our son has suffered from seasonal allergies since he was four years old. We have tried a myriad selection of treatments for the past four years, but our son has not had any reprieve from his symptoms. After one session with Dr. Chi our eight-year-old was completely free of symptoms. He is now free of all medications after only two treatments. Thanks Dr. Chi!
Kris M., (Allergies)
When I began treatment, I was experiencing daily struggles with back pain and should pain and wanted to focus on treating these issues with Dr. Chi. I benefited from the different treatments Dr. Chi had designed to impact my body and balance my energies. Over time I am totally pain free now.
Judy S., Pain
We had been trying to get pregnant for nearly two years with no success. I saw Dr. Chi less than 4 times before learning that I had conceived. I found the sessions to be very helpful in creating balance within my body & helping me relax. I continue to see Dr. Chi during my pregnancy to help make sure the baby is born healthy. I am grateful that I met Dr. Chi & recommend acupuncture to others
Kim B., (Infertility)
I have battled psoriasis for over 20 years. I turned to acupuncture after my dermatologist suggested steroid injections. The injections would have forced me to discontinue breast feeding my infant. After my first three treatments with Dr. Chi I noticed a positive change in my skin. After tonight’s treatment (#7) I am almost “psoriasis free”! I can not find words to describe how elated I am to be beating psoriasis without drugs.
Tracey F., (Psoriasis)
I have been seeing Dr. Chi for over four months. I feel so much better with the acupuncture treatments & Chinese herbs. Before the treatment, I was extremely tired & weak. The treatments have helped me regain the energy I need to recover. I have been to more conventional doctors that prescribed drugs. I would often experience adverse effects. Dr. Chi’s treatments have been much more gentler & effective. I thank God for Dr. Chi. Her positive energy and upbeat personality have also been healing to me, whether she knows that of not. I recommend her 100%!
Howard M., (Stroke Recovery)
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